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Supporting victims of domestic violence via a programme for capacity-building and awareness-raising among Human resourcEs specialists

The SHE project proposes to tackle domestic violence against women, by developing and implementing a prevention and support training programme for a particularly relevant target group - public administration HR specialists in Bulgaria. In the aftermath of the COVID-19-related nationwide lockdowns, it became clear that peer-based approaches to the support and referral of victims of domestic violence need to tap into the workplace domain - the only space through which victims living in confinement with their abusers can be reached.

The SHE project will contribute to the efforts of ending domestic violence by creating the tools and capacities with which to equip a well-positioned group of professionals to identify, support, and refer victims. The SHE project will be executed by a consortium of relevant partner organisations - each with a unique positionality, access, and expertise on the issue. By developing training materials, strategic documents, practical tools, and guidelines, the SHE project will result in a gender-inclusive and gender-sensitive training programme for HR professionals in the public administration. The project will implement two-stage trainings, targeted at trainers and multipliers. The training programme will build the capacity of at least 360 participants and will have the potential to raise awareness about domestic violence against women among the entire public administration in Bulgaria.

The implementation and impact of the programme will be carefully evaluated, documented and mainstreamed so that the lessons and insights can be distinguished and exchanged internationally. Impact maximisation and promotion of activities will be achieved through existing institutional channels available to the partner organisations and to the project participants, and through the use of new social media channels, video-sharing platforms, and websites.

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