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Wind Power Generation in Bulgaria

Assessment of the Black Sea Offshore Potential

Power generation from offshore wind resources brings forward a significant potential for energy system decarbonization, opening up a wide range of economic and infrastructure advancement opportunities for coastal communities. 

To highlight this potential CSD carried out а technical and economic assessment of the Bulgarian Exclusive Economic Zone in the Black Sea identifying favorable deployment areas for offshore wind power generation. Considering country-specific data and current technology trends the analysis demonstrates that 26 GW out of total 116 GW technically feasible capacity could be utilized in shallow waters by mature bottom-fix technology concept. The data suggests capacity factors in the range of 40-48% and cost of unit of generated power in the range of EUR 62-90/MWh for bottom-fixed installations. Based on expert interviews and desk research, the study discusses the main obstacles to the deployment of offshore wind energy and formulates recommendations for future policy actions. The report touches upon important pre-conditions such as the availability of supporting infrastructure, regional cooperation, and the coexistence between offshore wind energy and all other ecological, economic, and societal interests.

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