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The Great Energy and Climate Security Divide

Accelerated Green Transition vs. the Kremlin Playbook in Europe

Russia has long weaponized its energy supplies to Europe through oligarchic networks of state capture and strategic corruption. Yet, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the European energy and climate security through its most difficult test so far. The spike in energy prices aggravated by the slow pace of energy transition in Europe and an overreliance on Russian fossil fuel imports have clearly demonstrated the need for a new European Energy and Climate Security Strategy. The energy crisis has also starkly demonstrated that the EU needs more reliable tools to map its energy and climate vulnerabilities and to use the results of this analysis to rapidly deploy targeted policies and measures.

The report presents the Energy and Climate Security Risk Index, a data-driven policy instrument. The index dissects and compares the vulnerabilities of selected Member States and the EU as a whole and provides guidance on possible energy and climate security policy pathways.

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