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Policy brief

Tackling the Integration of 25+ NEETs into the Bulgarian Labour Market

Policy Brief

While the rate of youth employment in Bulgaria has been improving over recent years, challenges in being active on the labour market are still present for some young people, particularly the so-called NEETs (young people not in employment, education and training). Among Bulgarians between 15-30 years of age, those between 25-29 appear the most likely to be in the NEET category (25+ NEETs), a trend which is similar for this age group across the EU. Policymakers and non-governmental stakeholders in Bulgaria have made sustained efforts to improve the situation of NEETs. EU-inspired interventions have been implemented across Bulgaria, yet difficulties in ensuring labour market activity of NEETs remain. This calls for novel directions and approaches in Bulgaria’s NEET policy.

This policy brief looks into the intricacies of policies tackling the issues of 25+ NEETs in Bulgaria. It is based on a detailed study of the existing programmes and policy interventions targeting NEETs in the country. The brief gives an overview of the challenges related to the implementation and monitoring of such policies, and proposes future policy actions.


This policy brief is based on findings from research conducted by CSD as part of the ‘Lost Millennials – Transnational Research Network for the Evalution of Initiatives Targeting 25 + NEETs’ project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


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