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Police in the Modern Society: The Necessary Reform in Bulgaria

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The issues of security and rule of law are central for the development of societies and their prosperity. The level of security provided by the state is an important prerequisite for the quantity and quality of investments coming into the economy. The personal safety of citizens frees and energizes their creative capabilities. Establishing the rule of law will factor in significantly for the rise of trust in Bulgaria on the international scene, and particularly among its partners from the European Union.

The police guarantees the security and public order in the country. By law it is obligated to counteract crime and protect citizens’ rights and freedoms, to preserve their life, health and property.

A few of the Bulgarian policemen continue to work and live with the understanding of being part of a power structure, established to exercise mainly repressive functions. These views are being shared to a great extent by the political class and by society as a whole. This is not the case with developed democracies, in which police is perceived as a state authority designed and bound to provide citizens with security services.

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