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Open Gates, Guarded Walls

The Balancing Act between Openness and Security in European Investment Policies

As the EU navigates the terrain of global power dynamics and economic shifts, there is a pressing need to establish a robust economic security framework that upholds the union's values and core interests while maintaining economic openness and integration. The changing landscape of global economic security has led to an evolution of investment screening mechanisms within the EU and worldwide. With all 27 member states expected to adopt such screening mechanisms, there arises a critical necessity for enhanced coordination in information sharing and enforcement to effectively address common security objectives.

The report sheds light on the journey towards implementing a screening framework in the EU, offering insights into achievements, exemplary practices, deficiencies, and the path forward. It serves as a valuable resource for policymakers and practitioners, and as a guide for establishing and enforcing investment screening as an integral component of comprehensive investment promotion.

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