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On the Road to Inclusion

An overview of Romani culture and instruments to fight discrimination and facilitate the inclusion of Roma and Sinti persons within local communities

This manual is intended as a Training Package aimed at professionals who are in contact with Roma and Sinti persons every day, most notably teachers and social workers; it is the result of training courses organised with the latter during the project. Its objective is therefore to provide useful information and instruments for professionals, to make sure that they are able to promptly react to cases of discrimination against Roma and Sinti persons, facilitating their inclusion processes within local communities.


This report has been financed by the “Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)” of the European Union. The content of the report is only an expression of the author’s opinions, for which the latter takes full responsibility. The European Commission shall in no way be held responsible for any use made of any information contained herein.

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