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Policy brief

Moving Forward Together: Energy and Climate Security for Ukraine and Europe

Policy Brief No. 136

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine has led to a heavy humanitarian crisis on the European continent. Targeted missile strikes have destroyed half of the country’s energy infrastructure, causing rolling blackouts and critical service disruptions in the region. The war has also been the biggest test to Europe’s energy and climate security, following more than a decade of excessive dependence on Russian fossil fuel imports.

Guaranteeing the security of energy supply and supporting Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian aggression is of utmost priority for Europe in the short term. In the medium-to-long term, the full integration and policy alignment between the EU and Ukraine needs to be completed as a foundation for the country’s sustainable economic development.

This policy brief provides an overview of the evolution of energy and climate security risks in Ukraine before and after the Russian invasion, stepping on the results from CSD’s Energy and Climate Security Risk Index. It discusses how the Kremlin exploited critical governance gaps in Ukraine and the EU’s energy sector to weaken Ukraine’s capacity for resistance and Europe’s solidarity and unity in the face of war. It further offers insights and ideas about the most pressing policy priorities in view of Ukraine’s future reconstruction.

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