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Inclusive Communication in the Workplace

Country Report Bulgaria 2023

Addressing workplace discrimination and diversity intolerance, building inclusive communication and diversity management policies, and translating them into daily practices are crucial to achieving a lasting culture of inclusion and respect in the workplace. The report Inclusive communication in the workplace: Bulgaria2023 offers the first comprehensive overview of the use of neutral and inclusive language in the Bulgarian context. The report examines the national framework, including relevant legislation, policies, and initiatives implemented by companies and NGOs operating in the country. Additionally, it delves into the current state of the use and perceptions of inclusive communication in Bulgarian professional environments through an analysis of a survey conducted between April and June 2023, along with analysis of interviews with national experts specialised in managing activities for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. Finally, the report highlights promising practices implemented in Bulgaria that promote the use of inclusive communication within enterprises. The report provides valuable insights and recommendations for fostering a more inclusive work environment through the incorporation of communication techniques that acknowledge the distinctive needs and identities of employees.

This publication was developed as part of the NICE (Neutral and Inclusive Communication in Corporate Environments) initiative implemented by the organisations managing the Diversity Charters in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Lithuania.

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