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How to Deal with Kremlin’s Desire to Starve Europe of Energy

The Case of Nord Stream 1 and Beyond

The fast-approaching winter in the face of the ever more real possibility of a complete cut-off of gas supply from Russia is pushing the EU tighter into a trap of its own making. Believing the Kremlin’s blatant dishonesty vis-à-vis Europe and sleepwalking into a growing over-reliance on Russian gas after the annexation of Crimea has severely eroded the energy security of the EU. The neglect of energy security aspects of the energy transition by key European national governments has led to poor individual and collective strategic decision making.

As a crucial first step towards closing the governance gaps that have allowed the current crisis to develop, Europe needs to counter the ever more blatant lies and misinformation tricks, with which the Kremlin blankets it gas blackmail.

The present publication exposes Russia’s latest gas blackmail strategy related to the alleged technical reasons for the reduced gas flows through Nord Stream 1. It further explains the necessary steps to deal with a worse-case scenario of a complete Russian gas supply cut that go beyond the demand-focused approach of the European Commission and explain what supply management changes need to be undertaken immediately.

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