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Policy brief

Green Recovery Pathways to Bulgaria’s Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Policy Brief No. 101

The least costly way to decarbonize is to trans¬form the electricity supply mix. This would mean the fastest possible phase-out of lignite-fired power plants, a transformational shift in Bulgaria’s renewable energy sector, leveraging private investments in new technologies such as offshore wind and geothermal energy, and the accelerated electrification of buildings, industry and mobility. The uptake of low-carbon technologies requires the modernization of the power grid and more investments in sustainable mobility infrastructure. In addition, the successful delivery of the green transformation process necessitates adequate monitoring procedures and control mechanisms to measure the performance of the different policy measures and ensure their compliance with the rule of law.

This Policy Action Document proposes targeted sectoral policy measures to facilitate the implementation of three decarbonization pathways with a 2050 horizon. It also promotes the need for changes in public policies and the regulatory framework to accelerate the transition process. The document aims to contribute to the development of a consistent green recovery strategy for Bulgaria in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

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