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From Words to Actions: Enhancing Inclusive Communication in the Workplace

Comparative Report between Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, and Romania 2023

Inclusive communication is effective communication – respectful and accessible to all. Inclusive and neutral language is increasingly recognised as indispensable in mitigating workplace discrimination, promoting tolerance, and fostering inclusive work environments. The report From Words to Actions:Enhancing InclusiveCommunication in theWorkplace examines the critical intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) management with professional communication in European workplaces. It explores how public and private entities in five European countries - Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, and Romania - approach and integrate inclusive communication practices into various organisational processes.

This report outlines the national frameworks, including relevant legislation, policies, activities and initiatives, of public authorities, companies, academia and NGOs aimed at enhancing the use of inclusive communication in the selected countries. Additionally, it delves into the current state of the use and perceptions of inclusive communication through a transnational survey conducted in April - June 2023, along with an analysis of interviews with national DE&I management experts from the business sector.

Highlighting promising practices implemented across the European Union, this publication offers recommendations for addressing the identified gaps and barriers that currently challenge the wider adoption of inclusive and neutral communication approaches. The study emphasises the pivotal role of communication in achieving diverse and sustainable workforces while upholding the principles of non-discrimination and inclusion.

This report was developed as part of the NICE (Neutral and Inclusive Communication in Corporate Environments) initiative implemented by the organisations managing the Diversity Charters in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Lithuania.

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