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Forging the Shield

National Economic Security Policies in an Era of Global Uncertainty

Advanced economies such as the United States, Germany, France, and Japan have spearheaded efforts to enhance and refine their foreign investment screening mechanisms, prompting similar actions among their G7 allies. Against the backdrop of resurging global power competition, the European Union has introduced a comprehensive strategy for economic security, complemented by an extensive trade, investment, and research package. This strategic move underscores the imperative of embedding economic security within broader national security frameworks.

Within this context, the report delineates leading practices in implementing foreign direct investment screening mechanisms as integral components of national security strategies. Leveraging the European Union's three Ps framework of promoting, protecting, and partnering, it elucidates effective strategies for integrating economic security considerations into overarching security agendas. By examining exemplary approaches and lessons learned, this publication serves as a valuable resource for policymakers and practitioners seeking to navigate the complex intersection of economic and national security imperatives.

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