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Policy brief

Fast Tracking Green Financing

Removing Financial Barriers to Decentralisation and Democratisation of The Energy Transition in Bulgaria

Developing renewable energy projects like solar PV and wind farms demands substantial capital for land, equipment, and infrastructure. Yet, for households and small businesses, becoming prosumers is even tougher due to limited funding and knowledge. Overcoming financial barriers is crucial for citizens and communities to transition into active renewable energy investors and producers.

In Bulgaria, reliable access to finance is even more vital for renewable energy investments. Self-sustaining models are needed, where profits feed back into communities, fostering growth and resilience. However, regulatory hurdles like inconsistent laws and grid expansion costs hinder investment. Market volatility further deters banks from funding renewable projects.

This analysis examines barriers to financing decentralized renewable projects in Bulgaria and suggests policies and financial tools to lower costs and support small-scale projects.

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