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Enforcing Consumer Rights to Combat Greenwashing

Combating greenwashing emerges as a critical issue intersecting human rights, consumer protection, and environmental sustainability. Greenwashing tactics employed by companies often lure consumers into purchasing products that do not live up to their purported eco-friendly claims, thus perpetuating misinformation and ecological harm. 

This comprehensive FRA report underscores the efficacy of adopting a human rights perspective in addressing greenwashing, drawing from consultations with experts across 10 EU Member States. It sheds light on the deficiencies within existing regulatory frameworks and enforcement mechanisms, showcasing real-world instances where consumers have sought recompense for deceptive environmental marketing. Advocating for stricter enforcement of regulations to deter misleading environmental claims, the European Union and its Member States are urged to bolster measures that empower consumers to challenge instances of greenwashing effectively. Additionally, the report emphasizes the need for governments to facilitate collective action by consumer and environmental organizations, thereby fortifying avenues for protecting both consumer rights and environmental integrity.

CSD contributed to the report by carrying out the research in Bulgaria and producing a country report as background material for the comparative analysis. The full report and all national background studies are available on the FRA website here.


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