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Cybercrime and Businesses

A closer look at reporting behaviour, associated costs and incident management in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Spain

The Cyber Security Survey for Businesses report offers valuable insights into the extent of cybercrime victimization, reporting habits, and associated costs within the business sectors of Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Spain. It is worth noting that while there are variations in the prevalence of various types of cybercrimes across these countries, there could also be observed similar trends. Notably, phishing attacks stand out as the most frequently encountered cyber threats faced by companies in the Netherlands, Spain, and Bulgaria. Following closely behind are instances of malware, such as viruses and spyware. When examining the frequency of cybercrime incidents, it becomes evident that many businesses fall victim to repeated attacks.

These findings showcase both commonalities and distinctions among these countries, highlighting the necessity for customised cybersecurity strategies and efficient incident management. The report also emphasizes the need for enhanced cooperation between businesses and law enforcement agencies and underscores the need for an improved support systems to address the perceived limitations of authorities in effectively resolving cybercrime incidents.

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