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Countering the Misuse of CBRN Materials and Knowledge

Methodology for National Capacity Assessment

This report outlines a methodology for assessing national capacity for countering the misuse of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) materials and related information. The proposed methodology is grounded in an all-hazard approach for addressing CBRN risks regardless of their cause and highlights specific aspects of the process of preventing and responding to CBRN threats. Its development is underpinned by the following assumptions:

  • CBRN security falls within the remit of multiple international regimes.
  • CBRN security cuts across different sectors within government and civil society.
  • CBRN security capacity entails a shared commitment among stakeholders to the goals of CBRN security risk management.

The methodology provides a framework for CBRN security capacity assessment at the national level which focuses on the role of stakeholder interaction in the process of preventing and responding to CBRN threats.

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