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Bulgarian Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2019

The 2019 Bulgarian Organised Crime Threat Assessment examines the major trends and dynamics in the country’s main criminal markets during the period. The current analysis indicates shrinking of traditionally robust criminal areas, such as the illegal trade in cigarettes and organised VAT fraud, while the illegal trade in fuels and the use and distribution of marijuana are experiencing growth. After the growing trend in the domestic market for sexual services in the 2012-2017 period, this year’s assessment registers a slight decrease in the market’s volume. At the same time cybercrime continues to be on the rise. New in this year’s edition is the inclusion of two previously unexplored criminal markets in the 2018 analysis: illegal logging and EU funds fraud.


With the financial support of the Internal Security Fund of the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of its authors, and the European Commission and the Responsible Authority cannot be held responsible for any use whichmay be made of the information contained therein.

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