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Action plan for developing victim-centred and trauma-informed criminal justice systems

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Thе publication aims to give ideas and examples for developing victim-centred and trauma-informed criminal justice systems. The Action plan compiles concepts from research, reports, and past projects as well as examples of models and ways of working that have been developed and used by the partner organisations and the respective authors of each chapter. The Action plan combines knowledge and ideas from different disciplines, most notably law, criminology, and psychology. Each chapter is written by a particular expert and each chapter represent the author’s expertise and opinions.

The Action plan builds on the idea that the protection of victims should be understood and achieved on multiple fronts, via legislation, in criminal proceedings as well as in society. Taking a victim-centred approach to how the criminal justice system processes the needs of victims, means treating victims with care and respect and recognising the difficulties and challenges faced by those who have experienced crime. A key issue is that as long as practitioners consider violent crimes as a matter between the state and offenders, and not as one involving victims, it will remain difficult to give victims the important role in the proceedings that is in line with their needs and the interests of justice.

Funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020)

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