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Fabrizio Valerio Bongiorno

Master’s Degree in Law, University of Messina (Italy)
Diploma in Advanced European Studies, European College of Parma (Italy)
Master Programme in Advanced European Studies, University of Parma (Italy)

Period of internship: Feb 01 - Jun 29, 2018

Working for the CSD has been an important, unrivalled experience. Since day one I was assigned to the Law program dealing with human rights, international crimes, practices for migrants and extensive research on trafficking in human beings, and applications for international protection. The CSD gave me a chance to put into practice all the skills learned during my educational experiences, such as time management, decision making, planning, stress management, working effectively with others, always leaving room for dialogue, questions, clarification in a way to improve knowledge and capacities. The CSD is a professional operator, and has made meticulousness, punctuality and experience its trademark.

The CSD’ Staff is exceptional. They are well acquainted with problems that young people coming to a foreign country may have and they make you feel comfortable from the very beginning. They are friendly, kind and always available to help you on specific issues or uncertainties you may have. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. During my career I have been engaged in several traineeships but, without a doubt, the CSD has made this the best experience ever.

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