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Tiia Lakkamäki

Master of Arts of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen

Period of internship: May 13 - Aug 16, 2019

I had the opportunity to work at the Security Programme at CSD for three months. During my time at the centre, I was able to work on different projects. I found this to be a major advantage, since I was able to deepen my knowledge on several topics as well as apply what I already knew. My tasks included doing qualitative and quantitative table-top research on various topics, such as the EU drug strategy, oil trade in Bulgaria and alternative-/counter-narratives in the field of anti-radicalisation. I was able to develop my research and analytical abilities. These practical skills are my biggest take-away from my time as an intern at the centre. The opportunity to get first-hand experience in think-tank work and policy development was great. I very much enjoyed the responsibility and flexibility I was granted by my supervisors, with the ability to work from home occasionally. It truly was a positive learning experience.

As a work environment CSD was outstanding. My supervisors were available and ready to help me anytime I needed advice. The intern-team was amazing. There were people from many different places around the world, which allowed for stimulating conversation and different viewpoints being offered. It was the other interns that really made my experience as good as it was.

I warmly recommend an internship at CSD for its international and extremely friendly working environment together with the professional guidance from all the supervisors. The advanced research skills one will be able to develop during their time at CSD are a great attribute for the future.

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