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Jonas Thyregod Wilcks

Human, Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge

Period of internship: Jul 01 - Sep 20, 2019

I spend the summer before the final year of my undergraduate with CSD. This was an incredible experience, which allowed me to improve my research abilities working on interesting projects of varying topics, from anti-corruption efforts to energy policy.

Furthermore, the people I have met at CSD, be they fellow interns or seniors, have all been very welcoming and have fervently shared their personal experiences and areas of expertise which has been invaluable. I hope to continue to stay in contact with as many of these individuals as possible.

What has stood out to me at CSD, has been how much I have been able to shape my internship and deal with topics that I find interesting, working with supervisors that I have developed a personal connection with. I have also acquired data and material for my dissertation at CSD, which I plan on taking back to Cambridge and hopefully performing well with.

Overall, my stay in Sofia has provided irreplaceable experiences and memories, as well as unmeasurable additions to my research skillset. I would recommend CSD in a heartbeat to anyone looking for experience in a regional leading think tank or policy institute, where I can guarantee you will not be stuck taking meaningless minutes and making coffee for months.

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