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Ivaylo Dimitrov

MA (Distinction) International Law and Security, BA Middle Eastern Studies, University of Manchester

Period of internship: Sep 23 - Dec 20, 2019

I had the pleasure of spending three months at the Center for the Study of Democracy as an intern and it was an invaluable experience. I was part of the Security Program and was involved in both more specialised projects and in helping out administratively at conferences organised by the program and day-to-day tasks. The staff was so welcoming that I felt at home from my very first day. They were also open to all discussion and questions, so that work flowed effortlessly.

During my time here I was given a number of tasks. My very first week I was asked to prepare an extensive overview of criminal visualisation methods used internationally for an ongoing Bulgarian-based project of a similar nature. The work I was given was both relevant to my interests and felt impactful, as I was helping on active, important projects. Outside of the office, I was tasked with aiding at conferences organised by the CSD and to attend them as well. Meeting so many professionals from the field at these events was beneficial to my practical understanding of the subject matter to a great extent. The internship is a fantastic combination of focused project work, specific to one’s chosen area, as well as administrative and everyday experience of working at an NGO. The workload was always manageable and the staff was respectful and did not give out additional tasks without considering the priorities of what was already assigned to be done. The people I got to interact with also offered an enriching experience, from the multicultural intern group to the capable and forthcoming permanent staff. Overall, I would definitely recommend the internship opportunities at the CSD to anyone interested in non-governmental work, international relations or just to be able to share in the wealth of experience of the people that work there.


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