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Sergi Sànchez Coll

Bachelor in Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Period of internship: Jan 13 - May 08, 2020

Overall I am really pleased to have chosen CSD as a place for my internship during nearly four months, specifically in the Economic Program. I had the opportunity to help influential senior researchers on a variety of topics that interested me, including disinformation, media ownership, undeclared work, refugees, innovation, labour exploitation and energy policy. I could also further develop my professional English skills, as well as learn some data analysis skills with Excel. I did mostly desk research, interview transcriptions and data analysis, dealing mostly with Bulgaria and the Balkan countries, which I really wanted to learn about, but also other European countries. This experience allowed me to discover how think tanks work as well as the amount of knowledge they produce, which is a lot. I am also thankful for the possibility to meet other interns from several countries, which made more fun my stay in beautiful Bulgaria, especially during the cold winter. We did some trips and we shared several interesing discussions. The flexibility CSD offered is also worth mentioning, both in terms of working hours and the quick adaptation to working from home due to Covid-19, even from my home country. Even though my experience was affected for those events, I would definitely recommend it since I found it valuable for my career and for the possibility of living in a Balkan country for some months, which is truly enriching.

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