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Ivo Petrov

MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations, Bocconi University, Italy

Period of internship: Feb 27 - May 31, 2023

I had the pleasure of being a CSD intern in the Energy and Climate program for three months (March-June 2023). The reason why I applied was my interest in the policy field and how it had evolved over the past months in response to the Russo-Ukrainian war. Additionally, listening to multiple podcasts with the program’s director Martin Vladimirov had convinced me of the huge importance think tanks have, especially in times of crisis. Because of my background in economics, my tasks were primarily concerned with the financial side of the projects. They involved conducting research on a wide variety of climate and energy related topics, contributing to multiple policy briefs related to the Russian influence in Germany, working on the Energy and Climate Security Risk Index (ECSRI) and attending international policy-related conferences.  

Overall, my impressions of the internship are very positive. The people in my team were attentive, easy-going, and very helpful throughout my stay. I would like to thank Kostantsa Rangelova especially, with whom I collaborated the most and who is an exceptional professional! I had a pleasant time communicating with people from the other programs as well, talking about our common interests and professional engagements. I can definitely recommend CSD as a place of learning or advancing one’s career, there is something for everyone.

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