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Manon Carerre

M.A. in International Law, University of Lille

Period of internship: May 09 - Aug 07, 2023

I had the opportunity to do a 3-month internship at the CSD in Sofia, as part of the law program. 

Throughout my internship, I took part in various projects, which mainly enabled me to improve my research and English skills, but also to broaden my knowledge of subjects I knew little about. I was really able to discover how projects are put together and submitted, especially to the European Commission. In particular, I worked on subjects such as discrimination and inclusion in the workplace, and the fight against discrimination within the European Union. All the projects I have had the opportunity to work on have been very enriching and have enabled me to learn a lot! I also had the opportunity to attend important meetings and conferences, which allowed me to learn even more about subjects whose issues are very topical. 

Moreover, this experience allowed me to work with a pleasant team, always ready to help. Thank you to Maria Stoyanova, who was always happy to answer my questions, and for her kindness and good humor, as well as the rest of the law program team! I’ll have very fond memories of the three months I spent with this team, who always made sure we felt integrated. Finally, beyond my experience as an intern, I was able to discover the beautiful city of Sofia as well as Bulgaria, a country I didn't know at all, and many other Eastern European countries, which made this experience even better. I am also thankful for the possibility of meeting other interns from several countries around the world, who have become friends and with whom I will stay in touch! 

I am really grateful for this opportunity, and would highly recommend joining the CSD team as an intern, it has been nothing but positive! 

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