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Kasia Micklem

BSc International Relations and History, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Period of internship: Jun 01 - Aug 31, 2021

I interned on a remote basis on the Sociological Program for the past three months. During this time I was involved in a variety of project development activities, from conducting small-scale literature reviews, to writing a number of analyses for the production of larger reports. The topics covered were diverse, ranging from the causes and manifestations of racism and xenophobia in Hungary, to how women’s homelessness may link with domestic abuse in Bulgaria. This research felt worthwhile due to its social relevance and pertinence to informing policy. Given my interest in the region, I warmly appreciate that this opportunity allowed me to widen my understanding of South-Eastern Europe through a sociological lens and in comparative perspective.

While it was my pleasure to work independently on these interesting topics, the program could be improved by enhancing the level of engagement between interns and colleagues. As communication took place primarily by email correspondence once every couple weeks, a sense of being part of a team was absent from the experience. But this could be easily created by organising weekly video calls with interns in the future. This would also allow interns to gain an insight into the structure and culture of the organisation, which could not be gained through email-only communication. Interns could be invited to team meetings, for example, if they take place in English. It was of course a pleasure to connect and collaborate with the colleagues I did happen to meet once during my time with CSD. If I had any questions regarding the tasks concerned, my supervisor would provide very clear and detailed answers that were very helpful in view of carrying out the research activities in concern. Thank you for this opportunity and best wishes. 

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