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A socio-political forum adopted a Clean Future action plan against corruption on Wednesday. Reform of public administration and political parties, reform of the judiciary and the organization of its work, transparency and accountability in the process of privatization, civic control of the fight against corruption, and cooperation with international organizations and integration structures are the main points of the plan drawn up by Coalition 2000. The Parliamentary Committee on the fight against crime and corruption will use ideas included in the plan, the Committee's Deputy Chairperson, Ekaterina Mihailova, said. She is also floor leader of the ruling Union of Democratic Forces. Corruption has extremely serious consequences for society, said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Bozhkov, who is also Industry Minister. Corruption is everywhere, even in the higher echelons of power, and this is a result of the lack of moral scruples and unbridled greed. Corruption can hamper the country's economic development, said Bozhkov.