{"title": "Clip Against Corruption Launched on National TV","content": "
THE BULGARIAN National Television will broadcast a film clip against corruption in the state administration, it emerged from the Coalition 2000 NGO. At the same time the radio stations country-wide will start airing a song dedicated to Mr 10%. The text is written by Alexander Petrov and the music - by Kiril Marichkov. Along with these, the Coalition intends to crack down on state racketeering with the help of two very unique posters to be distributed in all Bulgarian cities, Ivan Vlahov, head of the information service of Coalition 2000, announced in an international seminar on the crack-down on corruption. The event gathered in Varna 60 experts from the former Socialist countries, their counterparts from Europe and the USA and representatives of 10 domestic NGOs. The Bulgarians have no hopes that the state racketeering can be crashed, analyses made by the coalition show. 50% of the citizens are ready to pay if necessary to solve a personal problem in the state institutions. Coalition 2000 announced a 3-year plan for information fight with corruption with a focus on legislative amendments. The Coalition insists that a register of the people occupying elective positions is made. A second measure will be the introduction of licensing regime reliefs and the third measure will be to regulate the position of the people's defender.