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Dr. Ognian Shentov

Chairman of the Board


PhD in Political Science, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, MA in International Relations, Higher Institute of Economics, Sofia


Dr. Ognian Shentov is Chairman of the Center for the Study of Democracy since the organization was founded in late 1989, He is also co-founder and Chairman of the Applied Research and Communications Fund, the leading Bulgarian innovation policy and research institut e established in 1991.

Dr. Shentov has worked on a variety of international projects on institutional reforms in Bulgaria and other countries in transition. He has written and edited a number of publications on the issues of transition to democracy, institutional reforms and soft security threats . He is currently engaged in a national initiative on promoting good governance for sustainable growth of the energy sector – develop ment of policy options and instruments for enhancing the implementation and delivery of green energy and achieving energy efficiency in Bulgaria.

Dr. Shentov is also a Member of the Board of Trustees of the New Bulgarian University in Sofia and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Green Building Council. He has served on the Steering Committees and boards of a range of NGOs and public policy initiatives, such as the Center for Economic Development , Center for Social Practicies, Coalition 2000 anti-corruption initiative, National Crime Prevention Commission with the Council of Ministers, etc.

He has been a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and has researched at US policy institutes and think-tanks.


English, Русский

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