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Dr. Emil Tsenkov

Senior Fellow
Security Program


Ph.D. from the Oriental  Institute, Moscow

BA from the Department of History, Baghdad University


The scope of Dr. Tsenkov’s activities includes comparative political systems, international security, good governance and countering of political corruption. Dr. Tsenkov took part in a number of projects, related to democratic reforms in transition countries, anti-corruption and introducing integrity instruments in Bulgarian politics, European integration, transnational organized crime, etc. He is a co-author of the annual Corruption Assessment Reports of the Center for the Study of Democracy, and was a Coordinator of the Coalition 2000 anti-corruption initiative. In the period 2004-2007 he was Director of the Information Centre on the Council of Europe in Sofia. In 2008-2009 Dr. Tsenkov was DCM in the embassy of Bulgaria in Tripoli (Libya). He was also an OSCE observer  at the parliamentary elections in Bosnia, Kossovo and Kazakhstan. Currently, he is Senior Fellow at the CSD Security Program.

Research focus 

Post-authoritarian political reforms, international relations and soft security issues (countering corruption, organized crime and terrorism)


Русский, العربية, Français, English

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