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Training of trainers seminar for human resources specialists: Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence


In January and February 2023 in Plovdiv, the Center for the Study of Democracy organised three train-the-trainer sessions among the HR specialists from central and territorial state administration. The trainings are part of the initiative "Supporting victims of domestic violence via a programme for capacity-building and awareness-raising among Human resourcEs specialists" (SHE).

Lecturers in the training were Iliana Boycheva and Leda Kuneva from the Center for the Study of Democracy, as well as representatives from the partner Demetra Association - Diana Videva, Ana Burieva and Iliana Balabanova. Tanya Chikova from the Institute for Public Administration also made an opening speech.

During the sessions, participants shared their thoughts on topical issues and actively engaged in discussions. They also agreed that human resource professionals can play a crucial role in fighting domestic violence by challenging stereotypes, offering psychological support, and providing relevant information about the institutions that can help victims to access justice.

At the end of each training, participants were provided with a useful Handbook, Methodological Guidelines and Annotated Work Plan, to help them provide adequate assistance to domestic violence victims and raise awareness of the issue among other public administration officials

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