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Training of Professionals and Empowerment of Roma Communities


On March 29, 2022, the Center for the Study of Democracy held a national seminar on "Training of Professionals and Empowerment of Roma Communities". The webinar took place within the framework of the international initiative Latcho Drom: Fighting against anti-gypsyism through training of professionals and empowerment of Roma communities. This initiative aims to reduce discriminations against Roma and Sinti communities in Italy, facilitating their full social inclusion. The webinar brought together representatives of institutions, NGOs, professionals and experts on the topic from Italy and Bulgaria.

During the event, the participants discussed issues related to the social inclusion of Roma and Sinti in local communities in Italy, as well as the impact of misinformation and fake news related to Roma in Bulgaria. Natascia Mazzon (Association Community Pope John XXIII) presented the Italian situation regarding the Roma inclusion and discrimination. Roma activists Rombo Bologna Halilovic and Rashid Nikolic shared their experiences on Roma settlements and Roma inclusion in Italy. Training materials and recommendations on the topic, developed within the LATCHO DROM project, were presented.

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