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Tackling Disinformation: a Coordinated Approach for Bulgaria


The implementation of the Digital Services Act (DSA) represents a decisive step forward in the fight against disinformation in Bulgaria's digital environment. An integral part of the European Union's digital strategy, the DSA mandates new oversight mechanisms for digital content, requiring greater transparency and prompt action against illegal online content, as well as misleading or false information. The DSA has already catalyzed meaningful changes in Bulgaria’s legal framework and institutional infrastructure, improving user protection and enforcing platform accountability in the process. However, significant challenges remain and the country continues to struggle with achieving effective digital governance and safeguarding political discourse from foreign information manipulation and interference (FIMI). An effective response to the hybrid activities of authoritarian actors requires an integrated, multi-stakeholder approach based on cooperation among national policy-makers, the private sector, and civil society.

These were some of the key takeaways from a national forum on Tackling Disinformation: a Coordinated Approach for Bulgaria, organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia on 7 December 2023. The event brought together media professionals, civil society experts, and technology companies, to discuss and share experiences on developing the national capacity needed to counter FIMI.  CSD experts were joined by Nikola Tulechki, Founder, Data for Good; Velizar Shalamanov, Deputy Director, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies; Martin Stamenov, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Sensika; and Vasil Shivachev, COO, Identrics. The event echoed broader EU discussions on digital governance and security and highlighted the shared desire of participants to modernize and regulate digital platforms to create a safer online environment.

National Forum "Tackling Disinformation: a Coordinated Approach for Bulgaria"
Presentation by Maria Stoyanova, Analyst, Center for the Study of Democracy
Presentation by Martin Stamenov, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Sensika

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