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Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence via a Programme for Capacity-building and Awareness-raising among Human resourcEs Specialists

Sofia, Buglaria

On 26 June 2023, a press conference dedicated to the outcomes of the initiative "Empowering Victims of Domestic Violence through Capacity Building and Raising Awareness among Human Resource Professionals" (SHE) was held in the Bulgarian News Agency. The Center for the Study of Democracy was represented by Iliana Boycheva, accompanied by representatives from the partnering organizations Demetra Association and the Institute for Public Administration.

The SHE project aims to establish a comprehensive training program designed to educate over 300 HR professionals working in public administration in Bulgaria. Thе program should equip these professionals with the skills needed to identify, refer, and provide support to victims of domestic violence. Beyond this, the project aspires to instigate a transformative shift in workplace culture by fostering heightened awareness and sensitivity towards the issue of domestic violence.

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