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Priorities for the National Energy and Climate Plan until 2030: decentralization and decarbonization


On 19 June 2018 the Center for the Study of Democracy welcomed representatives from all relevant institutions on a round table discussion: “Priorities for the National Energy and Climate Plan until 2030: decentralization and decarbonization”. Experts from CSD presented the key trends and obstacles towards Bulgaria’s energy decentralization, based on the three SEERMAP scenarios for the development of the electricity sector in Southeast Europe.

Participants from the Ministry of Energy; Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works; Ministry of Transport, Information technologies and Communications; Ministry of Environment and Water; Ministry of Agriculture and Food; the Sustainable Energy Development Agency and the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission took part in the discussion. They pointed out to some key issues to be resolved in relation to the development of the National Climate and Energy Plan, namely the need for an integrated approach, including all stakeholders and in particular the municipalities, overcoming the sharp decline of investments in RES, and reducing the number of energy poor and vulnerable groups.


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