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On 20 October, 2020, the Center for the Study of Democracy, in cooperation with the Academy of the Ministry of Interior, held a one-day seminar on organised crime threat assessment. The target audience was law-enforcement officers from various Directorates of the Ministry of Interior. Researchers from CSD Security Program presented the methodology of the threat assessment and outlined the observed trends in several key organised crime markets: illicit cigarettes, illegal logging, organised VAT fraud, illegal trade in fuels, cybercrime and bank card fraud. It was pointed out that organised criminal groups tend to use less and less violence in their activities, preferring more sophisticated methods. The lectors presented the available data sources and procedures for estimating the volume of two criminal markets, illicit cigarettes and illegal trade in fuel. Various VAT fraud schemes were discussed, along with the efforts of the National Revenue Agency to combat them. The so far successful fight against telephone fraud was analysed.


During the Training Seminar "Organised crime threat assessment", 20 October 2020, Sofia
Prof. Lybomir Timchev, Rector, Academy of the Ministry of Interior
Nedelcho Mitev, expert, Risk Management Directorate, National Revenue Agency
Tihomir Bezlov, Senior Analyst, Security Program, Center for the Study of Democracy
Dr. Atanas Rusev, Senior Analyst, Security Program, Center for the Study of Democracy

With the financial support of the Internal Security Fund of the European Commission. This event reflects the views only of its participants, and the European Commission and the Responsible Authority cannot be held responsible for any use whichmay be made of the information contained therein.

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