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Enhancing the Efficiency of Public Investments in Roma Communities with the Participation of Representatives of Local Authorities in Stara Zagora


Roma inclusion is a strategically important area where public investments are increasing in importance. The new programme period (2014-2020) emphasizes the role of municipal authorities in promoting comprehensive and long-term public investments for development.

On 4 December 2015 a round table with representatives of local authorities in Stara Zagora was held, organized by World without Borders Association in partnership with the Center for the Study of Democracy. The aim of the discussion was to present a study on the effects of public investments in Roma communities and to discuss ways to increase the levels and effectiveness of these investments at a local level.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Regional Governor of Stara Zagora, representatives of Radnevo Municipality, municipal councilors of Nikolaevo Municipality, representatives of the International Youth Centre and Amalipe, as well as representatives of the Regional Inspectorate of Education, the Labour Bureau, the Agency for Social Assistance and the Regional Health inspection.

The CSD report Socio-Economic Effects of Public Investments for Roma Inclusion in Kavarna on the effects of comprehensive public investments in Roma communities was presented.

The participants discussed the specifics of Roma Inclusion in Stara Zagora Region and concrete ways to increase the levels and effectiveness of investments in Roma communities. The recognized need for investments is mainly linked to the process of solving the problem of illegal buildings in Lozenets district in the town of Stara Zagora.

The existing financial mechanisms at the local level, the need to develop municipal integration plans that reveal funding opportunities for partnership projects between the municipality and NGOs were also among the discussed topics. The deadline for submission of these projects is April 29. There is also a possibility under "Integration" measure for financing projects for community development.

From left to right: Mr. Gancho Iliev, Dr. Andrey Nonchev and Ms. Yva Alexandrova
Participants at the round table on enhancing the efficiency of public investments in Roma communities in Stara Zagora, 4 December 2015

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