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Countering Domestic Violence: from Home to Workplace

Key speakers

The Center for the Study of Democracy, in collaboration with partners from the Institute of Public Administration and Demetra Association, organized a pivotal conference — "Countering Domestic Violence: from Home to Workplace." 

The Conference was hosted by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.

This significant event served as a beacon for open discourse on the multifaceted challenges posed by domestic violence in Bulgaria. Delving into the legislative landscape, esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds, including state institutions, like the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGOs in the face of BILITIS foundation and the business sector, illuminated the strides made in the past year and shared practical approaches in the fight against domestic and gender-based violence.

The focal points of the conference extended across two vital dimensions: the legal and policy framework surrounding domestic violence, and the prevalent harmful stereotypes perpetuating its tolerance. Acknowledging the often-overlooked role of workplaces in fostering change, the forum underscored their crucial contribution to creating supportive environments. 

Inspired by the SHE initiative, this gathering aimed not only to shed light on the pressing issue but also to catalyze urgent measures and strategies. 

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