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Regulation of Lobbying Activities in the Republic of Bulgaria: Draft Concept

The Center for the Study of Democracy, together with other NGOs and individual experts, participated in a working group at the Ministry of Justice for the preparation of a concept for the regulation of lobbying activities in the Republic of Bulgaria, and in the course of its work, opinions, proposals and statements were submitted on numerous occasions. The drafting of this document aimed to define the scope of public relations in the field of lobbying and to structure proposals for changes in the legal framework so that these relations are regulated in a sustainable and transparent manner with clearly established rules.

The approach adopted by the majority of the members of the working group is the concept to serve as a basis for the development of specific legislative proposals for the regulation of lobbying activities in order to ensure rules, transparency and integrity in lobbying and to introduce standards for ethical conduct of persons involved in lobbying activities.

The draft concept was published on the public consultation portal of the Council of Ministers on 17.11.2023.

This opinion, drawn by the Law Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, the Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives and the Access to Information Programme, is part of the public consultation procedure.

Full text of the Opinion (Adobe PDF, only in Bulgarian)

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