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The lack of an economic security strategy and the impact of corrosive capital and foreign malign influence on the Bulgarian economy has been analyzed extensively by CSD.

The publications on Investment Screening. Institutional and Legal Framework and Screening of Investments in Bulgaria emphasized the necessity to adopt this policy instrument for ensuring the country's economic security. After the public discussion on "Corrosive capital and investment screening" hosted by CSD, this issue became firmly established in the public discourse.

In June 2023, a group of MPs submitted a draft Amendment and Supplement to the Investment Promotion Act. This draft legislation establishes a mechanism for implementing Regulation (EU)2019/452, which lays the framework for screening foreign investments in the Union.

CSD analyzed the draft amendment in an Opinion published on the website of the National Assembly on 7 August 2023.

Full text of the Opinion (Adobe PDF, only in Bulgarian).

Full text of the Opinion (Adobe PDF, English)

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