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Whistleblowing Register: Development of a Regulation

The Center for the Study of Democracy, together with other NGOs and individual experts, participated in a working group at the Ministry of Justice that contributed to the drafting of Whistleblower Protection legislation. Since the adoption of the Whistleblowing Act by the Parliament on 27 January 2023, the CSD supports its implementation by providing advice and expertise in the development of regulations and other preparatory steps taken by the Commission for Personal Data Protection, the designated body that serves as the external reporting channel.

The Draft Regulation on the keeping of the register of whistleblowers under Article 18 of the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers or Public Disclosure of Information on Violations and on the Referral of Internal Reports to the Commission for Personal Data Protection was published on the public consultation portal of the Council of Ministers on 06.07.2023. 

This opinion, drawn by the Law Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives, is part of the public consultation procedure.

Full text of the Opinion (Adobe PDF, only in Bulgarian)

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