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The Necessity for Constitutional Amendments regarding the Judiciary and Fundamental Citizens' Rights

The opinion reflects in an expanded version the position of the Law Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, presented by Maria Yordanova at the discussion on the need of changes in the Constitution regarding Judiciary and Citizens' Rights, organised by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria on December 19, 2019,  attended by representatives of non-governmental organisations and magistrates' associations.

The proposals formulated in the opinion refer to the urgent possible measures for changes in the Constitution, which could be adopted by an ordinary National Assembly. They are focused on the urgent possible amendments to the Constitution aiming at corrections to the model of the Judiciary especially regarding the status, composition and powers of the Supreme Judicial Council, introduction of an independent investigation against the Prosecutor General and enhanced protection of fundamental citizens' rights through new mechanisms.

A written opinion was provided to the President's team in early January for the purposes of the announced initiative for constitutional changes.

Full text of the opinion (Adobe PDF, 425 KB)

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