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CSD Annual Report 2020

2020 was a year of crisis, but a crisis granting the opportunity, particularly to organisations integrated in the knowledge economy, to transform work processes and optimise the modes of internal communication, at the same time keeping creativity intact. Throughout the year, CSD continued to build its innovative thrust in a number of key areas:

• anti-corruption and state capture, foreign economic and media influence, energy governance and transition to a low-carbon economy, hidden economy and undeclared work;
• assessment of organised crime threats, conventional crime and policing, countering radicalisation and violent extremism;
• integration of migrants, fundamental rights, equality and ethics, victims of crime, social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

In all of these critical areas CSD sought (and in most cases managed) to produce innovative approaches and instruments for policy oriented and policy impactful analysis, reaffirming its position of a think tank with teeth.

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